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Ice Luge

“It’s a G.G.T…a Guaranteed Good Time!”

Ever thought about having a shot luge at your party only to find out that the local ice carver wants $200 – $300 for that piece of ice?

Olmsted Ice offers a table top shot luge sure to surprise people at your party and not kill your wallet in the process.

Ice Carving

“These are so COOL!”

Olmsted Ice specializes in customized ice carvings.

Unlike most carvers that charge extra for customized work, Olmsted Ice has one charge for one carving!

Don’t pay extra for that customized work or adding a name into a carving!

Carving Block

“The difference is CLEAR!”

Olmsted Ice produces and sells crystal clear Clinebell Carving Blocks.

Dry Ice

“We are the Coolest!”

Dry Ice is available for a minimum of 100 lbs. per delivery or a minimum of 5 lbs. off the dock at Olmsted Ice.

11-Pound Block

“We are the Coolest!”

The 11-Pound Block is perfect for camping coolers.

Product only sold at the Olmsted Ice Dock.

22-Pound Bag

“We are the Coolest!”

The 22-Pound Bag is the largest bag sold by Olmsted Ice. This is the primary product used for Restaurant and Special Event Deliveries.

7-Pound Bag

“We are the Coolest!”

The 7-Pound Bag is the smallest bag sold by Olmsted Ice. Sold mostly to retail outlets. Not available for sale off the Olmsted Ice Dock.