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Products and Carving

Olmsted Ice is a full service ice manufacturer and distributor.

We use the latest technologies and innovations in all parts of our operations such as automated packaging, ice chests sensors, handheld computers and GPS tracking equipment.

Olmsted Ice developed COOL RUNNING SOFTWARE. An innovative software packaged designed to run the operations of a ICEMAN.

Products and Services


Crystal clear bagged ice, block ice, dry ice, clinebell carving blocks and customized ice

  • 7-Pound Bags
  • 22-Pound Bags
  • 11-Pound Blocks
  • Dry Ice

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Event Rentals

Don’t get stuck with a pile of water at your party…. rent an ice storage unit to keep

  • Ice Luge
  • Ice Chests
  • Pull-behind Trailers
    (Up to 53′ Length…45,000 pounds)
  • Trucks

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Ice Carving

O-H! I-O!
Custom ice carvings of all sizes carved by our professional ice carving, Joe Guarina and John Risko.

  • Clinebell Carving Blocks
  • Custom Designs

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Service Area

Servicing Northeast Ohio

  • Summer Delivery 7 Days/Week
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Routed Delivery
  • Emergency Restaurant Delivery Service

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Production and Distribution

Olmsted Ice Production

Olmsted Ice can produce up to 140 tons of screened and dried tube ice per day! With that production comes a 55 ton storage bin and a 400 pallet storage freezer.

  • 400-Ton Storage Freezer
  • Hands-free Bagging Equipment
  • GPS Tracked Fleet of Newer Delivery Vehicles
  • 140-Tons of Daily Production
  • 55-Ton Storage Bin
  • Dried and Screened Ice Product

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